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Jarvis is an amazing quality blue fawn boy full fluffy 

Big head, small ears, short and super fluffy! 


Very sweet boy. 

He is a full fluffy with chocolate, cream, tan and Isabella gene. 

Parents: Bailyes x Goldenboy 

DNA: dd Bb Coco Em/e Aya kyky L4L4 

Jarvis- blue fawn fluffy boy with isabella

    • Microchip
    • Vaccines up to age ( 2 or 3 depening on the shipping conditions)
    • Multipile deworming treatments
    • Health guarantee
    • Recommendations from the breeder
    • ISO microchip
    • Vaccine book/ EU passport
    • Pedigree DKWC/ FCI
    • Puppy kit
    • … and lots of LOVE!
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