Rules & instruction for our waiting list

Due to great demand in our puppies we have decided to open a paid waiting list. How does it work and what are you paying for:

1. You are paying to secure your spot in the waiting list for a pick of the puppy. 

2. Price of the pick is 500 USD / 400 Euro. 

2. Any PICK DEPOSIT is non refundable.

3. We will offer the available puppies to you by availability before we publish them on social media or on our website. You get to choose first upon your number in the list. 

4. You can pass on a puppy or a litter and your PICK can pass to another litter. 

5. We can offer you puppies for the duration of 24 months (2 years )

How to sign up:

1. Fill in the form below. Please indicate ALL your details. 

2. Please carefully indicate description of the puppy including DNA. Indicate a budget.* Please note we will contact only in indicated budget frame.

(Please don't indicate expensive DNA and dogs at a funny budget, like a fluffy female at 4000$.. Be realistic) 

3. Please read our health guarantee contract to know what we guarantee and what we do not here. 

4. Please send 500$ / 400 euro payment to PAYPAL account:

Use ONLY Family-Friends transfer.

(After the form you will be transferred to PayPal Link. You need to remove the "Paying for goods" box!)

As soon you payment received we will confirm that you are in a waiting list within 24h.

Signing up and paying for the PICK you acknowledge all above and agree.

Sign up for our waiting list
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