1. How do I deposit a puppy?


Scroll threw our puppies, find the puppy of your dreams, click the reserve button. You wil be trasnfered to a form where you will fill in your details. During 24 hours we will contact you for payment options and details. 

Puppies from 6 weeks and older 30% deposit is required.

Puppies from 8 weeks and older 60% deposit is required, unless, by the agreement, puppy shipped at 10 weeks. In this case, 100% payment is required. 

* All deposits are NON refundbale 


Didn't find YOUR puppy or have more questions before final decision!? Contact us! 

2.  Payment options

Full payment is done by banking wire after recieving an invoice from us. Please note you will not find the payment details on our website. They would be sent to you by once all is finalized for payment for security reasons.

4.  Do you have a contract/ health guarantee?

Yes! Please see here. 

3.  Which currency do you accept?

We accept US dollars, Euro and UK pounds. Prices on our website are indicated in USD  

5.  At what age will my puppy will be shipped?

Most of the puppies shipped after 12 weeks due to most of countries regulations. Some puppies can be shipped after 10 weeks to USA. 


5.  What pedigree do I get?

All of our breeding dogs are FCI registrated. Puppies that sold with breeding rights have an FCI (AKC transferable) pedigree. Export pedigree is included in price.  Export Pedigree will arrive in 90 days by mail to the provided address. 

Puppies that are sold as PET by PET price, FCI pedigree is not included in the price. PET puppies will come with DWK pedigree. 

7.   Shipping charges
Shipping charges will be calculated seperatlly depending on your destination. 

Our price includes the  veterinary certificate.  Shipping to certain countries, extra charges may apply for boarding as the dog must be older, blood tests to be done and stamped embassy documents needed. 


6.  ​ Are your puppies vaccinated?

All of our puppies recieves two shots up tp 8 weeks. And shipped to most of the countries after the rabies shot. 

All puppies are vaccinated up to date for their age and it is the new owner's responsibly to keep this up as vaccine are on going.

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