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As 2nd generation of breeders in my family, I don’t remember a day in my life without a dog. As an old school breeder, we used breed for improvement of the breed! We used to care about shows and there our dogs were judged by professionals not by color but by correct structure, character, movement of the representative of the breed! And to win this show you had work hard and breed ONLY for improvement! Color was always secondary. With coming to our breed, the exotic colors, the “game” began to be more challenging! Which I love! Challenge is always good! But with every new gene come every new price! Higher and higher! And the actual breeding for Breed, becomes Game for the Money! To get more Genes in one dog for lowest price, to get puppies in 10-12 months and to sell for the higher price! And it is so sad, because now it’s a race of who comes first, who will breed the first Pink Hairless Maskless Isbaella Green Fluffy Frenchie! The % of people that are looking for quality is so small that at one point you want to give up and say: “they want color… no problem. let’s get ONLY color, F**k the structure and type” A lot of good breeders give up! Go off from the race. There are soooo little Frecnhies left in color which are true to breed and that makes me sad and angry. At what point we forgot how a true show Frenchie look like? At what point we stopped caring if the dog can breathe or no? Can move like for the show ring? I think at that point when they started to cost more than some of our cars and maybe more… It is sad that this breed now more for the money than for the actual breed! There is nothing wrong with adding new genes and colors, experimenting, breeding new breeds or anything new! But FIRST always must come the actual DOG and not the money that IT can bring in the future!

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