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Each breeder has their own first food introduction method and there is no wrong or right method. We always look for best option for the puppy and for us (you will have to do it A LOT)

What we need:

1️⃣ Warm water (NOT hot)

2️⃣ Royal Canin Starter Mouse

3️⃣ Royal Canin Starter dry food/ or any other starter you use

4️⃣ Coffee grinder

5️⃣ For older puppies Tvaroh/ Yogurt/ Cottage cheese

We introduce the mush from 4 weeks old.

✔️ 1st stage : 4 weeks- 5 weeks: Starter mousse with warm water. Start with liquid and every day add less and less water.

✔️ 2nd stage: 4-6 weeks: Take the dry food and grind it the coffee grinder into a flour looking mass, add the warm water and mix. You will have mush. Add the Mousse for smell and better taste.

✔️ 3rd stage: from 6 weeks – 7,5/8 weeks (age without the mom): same mix as above but add once a day yogurt/ cottage cheese.

At the age of 6 weeks, we leave the dry food also in a bowl for the puppies to get used to it. Usually they play with it, bite it and etc…

✔️ Stage 4: from 8 weeks: we still doing the mush, but we don’t grind it anymore. Just add the warm water and little mouse and yogurt. For the next feeding give only the dry food, and rotate feeding with mush and dry.

Btw.. This mix we give to the nursing moms which are super picky eaters. All moms get the Starter but in different ways.


The above is the basic feeding. Of course everything depends from litter to litter and puppy to puppy. We use also Nutrical or any other high calory supplements will work if weight needed to be added. Also, probiotics or any other supplements can be given but all better from 6 weeks of age.

Sometimes we can use baby oat porridge (no milk base) and add to the mush we needed.

How do you introduce the first solid food to your puppies?

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