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How to deworm your puppy

DEWORMING your puppy is a challenge!

A lot of new breeders ask us how to correctly deworm the puppy...

Lets start from the moment that deworming your puppy on time and with correct meds and dose is very very important..

The reason for that is worms 🐛 grow very fast in puppies bodies and can destroy your puppy’s immune system! And it will be very hard to get it back...

So how to deworm new born puppies and what meds to use:

1️⃣ First deworming should be until 17 days of age. Preferably between day 14-17. First deworming should be done with Pyrantel. Deworm the mom together with the puppies.

2️⃣ Second at 4 weeks. Can be done with again with Pyrantel or Procox

3️⃣ Third at the 6-7 weeks with fenbendazol ( Panacur) with 3 day treatment

4️⃣ Fourth at 10 weeks with any broad spectrum dewormer (each country has their own)

5️⃣ Then at 4 months before Rabies vaccine

6️⃣ Adults we recommend to deworm every 6 months or when necessary

✔️ Give deworming meds before feeding but with little food

✔️ Give dose a little higher then the actual weight, incase the puppy will spit out (which he will)

✔️ Give probiotics after deworming for 2-3 days.

Any other tips or recommendations)??

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