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WHY DO FRENCHIES EAT THEIR 💩💩and HOW TO STOP IT?? Sensitive topic 😖 We get a lot of questions about purchasing, breeding, feeding, whelping and taking care of Frenchie in general… So I decided to write about most common problems that Frenchies have and share my experience with those problems and give #tipsfromspolbo All the solutions are all on our experience and experience of other breeders that recommend it and they will all come One of many problems that I asked about is poo eating dogs. This is a very common problem in bulldog and there isn’t one solution to it! So what reasons do the Frenchie has to eat his (or other dogs) poop: 1. Parasites – yes yes, I know you dewormed your pup many times, but sometimes dewormers do not work or the dosage wasn’t correct and there are many different parasites. 2. Lack of nutrition / Vitamins 3. Enzyme deficiency 4. Conditions causing increased appetite- like diabetes, thyroid problems and sometimes intake of frequent steroids. 5. Malabsorption- Any condition that leads to poor nutrient absorption can, in turn, lead to stool eating. He may resort to eating his own in attempts to get undigested nutrients back 6. Behavior problems – well, yes, in this moment there are a lot of reasons like boredom, curiosity, attention seeking, sometimes stress. . So what can you do about it? . ✅ Try to pick up your dog’s poo immediately as he goes doo-doo (yes, I know it’s not always possible) ✅ I would suggest giving 5-7 days Panacur (Fenbendazolum) ✅ Change his diet to cooked and add A LOT of 🌶 veggies cooked/ raw… I found that cooked rice/ oat/ pasta with cooked carrots/ broccoli/ Courgette/ pumpkin with meat really helps!! ✅ Add vitamins or any complex supplement to into the food. There are a lot of ready supplements that you can buy ready and mix into the food. ✅ Probiotics or enzymes but good ones! And give them as a course. Don’t give them all the time, otherwise the digestive system will stop working totally. Basically, try to experiment with food options and supplements. Most times it will work! Any other suggestions? What did you do when your puppy ate 💩💩and how did solve it?

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